The Other Miss Frobisher

Written by Ann Barker
Review by Sara Wilson

Anthea was always the prettier, more vivacious, popular and successful of the Frobisher sisters, but now she needs sister Elfrida to chaperone her daughter, Prudence, in London. Reluctantly Elfrida leaves behind her rural idyll and, in particular, Mr Erskine, a respectable clergyman she has a half-hearted attachment to. Once in London she realizes that Prudence is going to be more of a handful than she expected.

What with her niece forming an attachment to an unsuitable army officer and with the eligible Rufus Tyler also apparently pursuing her young charge, Elfrida decides that they must leave London at once. Unfortunately that might also mean leaving behind the man she has truly fallen in love with.

Misunderstandings and confusion abound in this delightful Regency romance. With kidnaps, elopements, lovers betrayed and reunited, The Other Miss Frobisher has all the important ingredients to be expected from the genre, but avoids falling into cliché by the sheer charm of the writing.