The Moon Runners

Written by Mary Lennox
Review by L.K. Mason

In ancient Greece, Atalante, the Princess of Thessaly, and Melanion, the Prince of Macedonia, unite to prevent war between their two lands. Their two families harbour no love for each other, and the young couple must overcome not only their own fears but the animosity that exists between their kingdoms as well. The Moon Runners is loosely based on the Greek myth of Atalante, a famed huntress. Lennox has used this myth as a starting point to create a story of love, human error, and divine intervention. It should be noted that there is an element of the fantastical in The Moon Runners (this was a time of gods and goddesses, after all). Although the romance between the couple is never in doubt, the stories of their companions overcoming mistrust are well-developed. In particular, the relationships between Melanion and his father, and Atalante and her mother, have a beautiful and unexpected poignancy.