The Killing Trail

Written by Johnny D. Boggs
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

During the late 19th century, Daniel Killstraight is a Comanche tribal policeman on his way home by train. He learns that an Apache named Walking Man has been accused of killing a girl. Men in the town of Deming want to string him up before the trial. Killstraight decides to stop off at this town and talk to the accused Apache and find out what really happened. From past experience, he knows that Indians rarely get a fair shake when it comes to justice.

This book is another in the Killstraight saga. I have read the previous books in the series, and each book can stand on its own. The characters’ interactions, particularly between the white men and Killstraight, are well written and describe the racism by the whites towards the Native Americans that was prevalent then. The author is a prolific western novelist; his knowledge of the culture is impeccable. One of my favorite western writers, he always delivers an exciting and accurately portrayed story of the Old West. Highly recommended.