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Murder at Maybridge Castle (A Christmas Mystery, 3)

By Ada Moncrieff - Published 2023



December 1936, and a select number of guests are invited to spend a long weekend just before Christmas at Maybridge Castle in the far ...Read Review

Rising Tide (Daniel Nichols Spy Thrillers)

By Alan Bardos - Published 2023



Daniel Nichols was a pre-WW2 internationalist who becomes very patriotic; a pacifist who takes up arms; and a morally scrupulous son of the ...Read Review

Boryslav in Flames

By Ivan Franko - By Yuri Tkacz (trans.) - Published 2023


Biographical FictionLiterary

Ivan Franko (1856-1916) was an author, poet, journalist, literary critic and political activist in his native Galicia, a man of many parts and ...Read Review

How to Solve Your Own Murder (Castle Knoll Files, 1)

By Kristen Perrin - Published 2024



A dual-timeline murder mystery stocked with colorful characters, this is a fun page-turner with a lot of atmosphere. In the present-day timeline, Annie ...Read Review

The Wartime Book Club

By Kate Thompson - Published 2024



Kate Thompson has set her novel in the Channel Islands, bringing vividly to life the experiences of Jersey residents between 1940 and 1945, when the ...Read Review

An Idle Woman

By Wendy Parkins - Published 2024


Having established the central character, Frances Dickinson, known also as Fanny, as a lively, well-educated young heiress, we are told of her courtship ...Read Review

The Lost Girl

By Rosie Goodwin - Published 2024



In the 1870s, Esme and Gabriel are forced to leave the safety of the vardo (gypsy caravan) where they once lived happily with ...Read Review

The Voyageur

By Paul Carlucci - Published 2024



Lower Canada (modern Quebec), 1830. Carrying supplies to Fort William (now Thunder Bay) to trade for furs, members of the voyageur (French-Canadian fur traders) ...Read Review

The Last Note of Warning (The Nightingale Mysteries, 3)

By Katharine Schellman - Published 2024



This is the third novel in The Nightingale Mysteries, and it is a sparkling sequel. The setting is 1925 New York, the height of ...Read Review

At the Court of Broken Dreams

By Laurence Baillie Brown - Published 2022


It is 1460, and the young Edward de-la-Pole rides off to fight for the Yorkists—as Beloved Mama has ordered. Beloved Mama has also ...Read Review