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The Cook of Castamar

By Fernando J. Muñez - By Rahul Bery (trans.) - By Tim Gutteridge (trans.) - Published 2024



In this period drama, set in Madrid in 1720, Clara, high-born but without means, obtains a position as assistant cook in the palace of ...Read Review

Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man

By Violet Marsh - Published 2024



In this fast-paced Georgian romance, Lady Charlotte Lovett finds herself betrothed to the sinister Viscount Hawley by her socially ambitious parents, even though ...Read Review

Death in the Crypt (A Cressida Fawcett Mystery)

By Fliss Chester - Published 2024



Historic eleventh-century Winchester Cathedral makes a splendid setting for Chester’s fifth 1920s cosy mystery featuring the Honourable Cressida Fawcett and her friends ...Read Review

Our Little Histories

By Janice Weizman - Published 2023



Every human being has their own little history. The seven little histories in this book come from imagined characters in an extended Jewish ...Read Review

All We Were Promised

By Ashton Lattimore - Published 2024


Lattimore’s debut exudes originality in its characters, plot situations, and especially in its well-chosen setting of 1830s Philadelphia, “the self-proclaimed cradle of ...Read Review

Kate’s War

By Linda Henley - Published 2024



At twenty, Kate Murphy is preparing to leave her sheltered family life and move into a flat with a school friend. She envisions ...Read Review

A Botanist’s Guide to Society and Secrets (A Saffron Everleigh Mystery)

By Kate Khavari - Published 2024



This clever British mystery blends mystery, suspense, the between-wars (1923) anxiety of women’s labor being easily discounted, and a passion for plants and ...Read Review

Shattered Jade: A Novel of Saipan

By Larry Alexander - Published 2024



It’s June 1944, and Japanese and American forces have been engaged in monstrously costly battles across thousands of square miles of ocean and ...Read Review

The Book of Perilous Dishes

By Doina Ruști - By James Christian Brown (trans.) - Published 2024


First published in Romanian in 2017 and set in Bucharest under Turkish rule at the end of the 18th century, The Book of Perilous ...Read Review

Queen Macbeth

By Val McDermid - Published 2024


Gruoch, Macbeth’s widowed queen, lives secretly on a small isle in a lowland loch, inseparable from her three lady companions, safeguarded by ...Read Review