A Dissembler

Written by Fenella Jane Miller
Review by Sara Wilson

When Marianne Devenish runs away from the unwelcome attentions of a disreputable suitor, she expects to find sanctuary with her elderly great-uncle. Instead she finds herself in the bachelor household of Theodolphus Rickham, a man who is not all he seems to be. For the sake of her reputation, Marianne is billeted out with a local family, the Griersons of Fratling Hall. They are as friendly and welcoming as she could wish for, but they also seem involved in a local smuggling racket. Drawn into scandal against her wishes, Marianne’s reputation is in jeopardy and can only be saved through the quick-thinking actions of the dissembling Theo.

Anyone wanting to read a classic Regency-style romance need look no further than A Dissembler. It’s easy to be dismissive of these fluffy mousse confections, but what they lack in literary depth, they more than make up for in sheer joie de vivre. Fenella-Jane Miller obviously knows her market through and through and has written the perfect novel to satisfy its demands.