Pegasus Books

The Children’s Block

By Otto Kraus - Published 2020


September 1943 brings another trainload of prisoners from the Czech ghetto to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Some of the Jews are gassed immediately; others are placed in ...Read Review

The Lenin Plot: The Unknown Story of America’s War Against Russia

By Barnes Carr - Published 2020



The year 1917 was full of turmoil for Russia. Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate his throne, a provisional government took over, disputes ...Read Review

The City on the Thames: The Creation of a World Capital: A History of London

By Simon Jenkins - Published 2020



“All histories have their roots in geography.” Simon Jenkins begins his history of London with this thought-provoking statement (and one of particular interest ...Read Review

Black Cotton Star: A Graphic Novel of World War II

By Yves Sente - Published 2020


This graphic novel tells the story of Angela, an African-American assistant to Betsy Ross. In 1776, she conceals a black star under a white ...Read Review

The Last Blue

By Isla Morley - Published 2020


A large part of The Last Blue is set in 1937, when two men from Roosevelt’s Farm Services Administration arrive in the small ...Read Review

The World Aflame: A New History of War and Revolution: 1914-1945

By Marina Amaral - Published 2020



The World Aflame begins in the last days of the Edwardian era, a time of peace prompted by the Entente Cordiale that nonetheless ...Read Review

Book of the Just (The Bohemian Trilogy)

By Dana Chamblee Carpenter - Published 2018


Historical FantasyThriller

In this conclusion to her absorbing gothic fantasy, The Bohemian Trilogy, Carpenter has sent her uncanny heroine, Mouse, fleeing across the globe with ...Read Review

Twenty Years After: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers (Musketeers Cycle)

By Alexandre Dumas - Published 2019



Translator Lawrence Ellsworth has triumphantly returned to Dumas’s Musketeers cycle with this fresh translation of Twenty Years After. In 1648, Cardinal Richelieu is ...Read Review

Treachery: A Novel (Giordano Bruno Thriller)

By S. J. Parris - Published 2019



Parris’s popular series of mysteries featuring the philosopher-martyr, Giordano Bruno, is being reissued by Pegasus in the US. The fourth in the ...Read Review

Betrayal in Time: A Novel (Kendra Donovan Mysteries)

By Julie McElwain - Published 2019



Kendra Donovan has traveled in time. A present-day FBI agent, Donovan slipped back to 1815 England in the first of author Julie McElwain’s ...Read Review