Noelle Salazar

The Roaring Days of Zora Lily: A Novel

By Noelle Salazar - Published 2023


Greta Garbo’s white satin gown from the 1923 film, The Star, is the centerpiece at the Smithsonian’s Hollywood Glamour Exhibition in 2023. As ...Read Review

Angels of the Resistance: A WWII Novel

By Noelle Salazar - Published 2022



Dutch sisters, known as “the angels,” become the superheroes in Noelle Salazar’s Angels of the Resistance. Lien and Elif Vinke, teenagers responding ...Read Review

The Flight Girls

By Noelle Salazar - Published 2019


Audrey Coltrane has always wanted to fly. When an opportunity comes to train pilots in Hawaii, Audrey can’t pass it up. There ...Read Review