Michael Joseph

The Glass Woman

By Caroline Lea - Published 2019


Rósa Magnusdottir’s mother is ill, hungry and coughing away in the chill and mud of their croft in a late 17th-century ...Read Review

Liberation Square

By Gareth Rubin - Published 2019


Alternate HistoryMystery/CrimeThriller

Liberation Square asks the reader to imagine a very different 1952, a world in which, instead of a divided Berlin, London and the United ...Read Review

The Stranger

By Kate Riordan - Published 2018


Everyone living in Penhallow Hall in the summer of 1940 has a secret. There is the autocratic invalid Mrs Fox; her anxious, downtrodden daughter ...Read Review

The Poison Bed

By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2018



At the heart of one of the most notorious murder cases in the reign of James I lurks the ultimate Jacobean power couple: ...Read Review

The Abbot’s Tale

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2017Published 2018Published 2018-05-01


Biographical Fiction

Dunstan was an Abbot of Glastonbury, later Archbishop of Canterbury, and was probably born somewhere between AD 910 and AD 920 in Somerset (we don’...Read Review

Ravenspur: Rise of the Tudors

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2016



The year 1470 is when the cycles of war and change between England’s Houses of York and Lancaster begin anew. Henry VI of ...Read Review

The Girl in the Glass Tower

By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Queen Elizabeth I is ageing and without an heir. Arbella Stuart, niece to Mary Queen of Scots, is first in line for the ...Read Review

A Fever of the Blood

By Oscar de Muriel - Published 2016



Frey and McGray return for a second outing in de Muriel’s new novel. The story opens in January 1889 with a brutal killing ...Read Review

Wars of the Roses: Book 3, Bloodline

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2015Published 2016


Conn Iggulden’s third book in his superb Wars of the Roses series begins with the striking image of the heads of three ...Read Review

Black Rabbit Hall

By Eve Chase - Published 2016



With Black Rabbit Hall, Eve Chase has crafted a Gothic novel that ticks all the genre boxes in a way that could be ...Read Review