Michael Joseph

Queen’s Gambit

By Elizabeth Fremantle - Published 2013


1543. With her second husband Lord Latymer scarcely cold in his grave, Katherine Parr is summoned back to court by the Lady Mary, Henry ...Read Review

The Falcons of Fire and Ice

By Karen Maitland - Published 2012


In 16th-century Iceland, a menacing stranger possesses the soul of a woman, chained with her twin sister in a deep cave. His malign ...Read Review

A Ship of War

By Sean Thomas Russell - Published 2012Published 2013



The Terror is at its height. Charles Hayden, captain of HMS Themis, is on the point of setting sail for Le Havre to ...Read Review

The Chaperone

By Laura Moriarty - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Louise Brooks was an iconic dancer, actress, model, and showgirl during the first half of the 20th century. Known as no ordinary follower, ...Read Review

The Yard

By Alex Grecian - Published 2012



London, 1889. Jack the Ripper has finished his work, but the police’s inability to apprehend him results in an openly contemptuous public. Scotland ...Read Review

Into the Valley of Death

By A.L. Berridge - Published 2012



The book opens in Meerut, 1853. Ensign Harry Standish returns home to find that his father has committed suicide, driven to this desperate act ...Read Review

The Pleasures of Men

By Kate Williams - Published 2012



The year is 1840, and London is in the grip of economic depression. There are riots in the streets, and a serial killer is ...Read Review

The Caspian Gates

By Harry Sidebottom - Published 2011



In 262 AD, the mighty city of Ephesus lies in ruins after a devastating earthquake, and mob rule has taken over. The barbaric Goths, ...Read Review

The Gallows Curse

By Karen Maitland - Published 2011



Elena acts as a maid for Lady Anne, but strange dreams begin to plague Elena’s sleep. In desperation, she visits the local ...Read Review

The Little Women Letters

By Gabrielle Donnelly - Published 2011



As much as I wanted to enjoy and enthusiastically recommend this book (being a great lover of this American classic), I’m afraid ...Read Review