The Mummy of Monte Cristo

By J. Trevor Robinson - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

As in the original Count of Monte Cristo, sailor Edmund Dantès is falsely imprisoned in the notorious Chateau d’If in 1815 and ...Read Review

The Parasol Flower

By Karen Quevillon - Published 2020


The best historical fiction seamlessly blends history and fiction. It informs about society in a particular bygone time and engrosses the reader with ...Read Review

Olav Audunssøn: I. Vows

By Sigrid Undset - By Tiina Nunnally (trans.) - Published 2020



In 13th-century Norway, Olav and Ingunn are betrothed to each other as children. As teenagers, romantic love grows between them, but their passion ...Read Review

Setting Two Hearts Free

By Janet Grunst - Published 2020



Set mostly in Virginia during the last years of the American Revolution, this is the story of rebel soldier Donald Duncan and of ...Read Review

The Time Gatherer (The Timegathering Series)

By Rachel Dacus - Published 2020



After spontaneously appearing at a rock concert in 1970, George learns that he has a rare gene that allows him to time travel, known ...Read Review

Falcon’s Shadow: A Novel of the Knights of Malta (the Siege of Malta)

By Marthese Fenech - Published 2020


1551. The characters from the first book in the series, The Eight-Pointed Cross, are in turmoil: Domenicus Montesa wants to redeem his father, Augustine, ...Read Review

When Cities Sink Howling in Ruin

By K. Partridge - Published 2020


In 1191 BCE, 18-year-old Iakos, a Danaan Greek, sets sail with his dour Uncle Aithon to learn the sea and, he hopes, warfare, as ...Read Review

A History of the Medicines We Take: From Ancient Times to Present Day

By Anthony C. Cartwright - Published 2020



Medicines and herbal remedies often figure in historical novels, but usually the description is tantalisingly vague, collections of unspecified herbs that happen to ...Read Review

Anna’s Refuge

By Kerryn Reid - Published 2020



London, 1817. Anna Spain’s beguiling innocence spells tragedy for her. During her first London season, she falls in love with dashing Gideon Aubrey, ...Read Review

Running from Moloka`i

By Jill P. Anderson - Published 2020


“At one moment we are being defined, and in the next moment we are defining.” Honolulu, 1884. Mele has always believed her father, a ...Read Review