John Kachuba

Four Soldiers

By Hubert Mingarelli - By Sam Taylor (trans.) - Published 2018



In 1919, the Russian civil war grinds to a temporary halt as the opposing factions hunker down in the face of a more powerful ...Read Review

Spirit House

By Mark Dapin - Published 2014Published c2013



At first blush this novel seems to be a coming-of-age story about 13-year-old David, who is dumped on his grandparents’ doorstep when his ...Read Review

The Cane Creek Regulators

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2014


Spur Award winner Boggs is known for his fast-paced, exciting novels, and this latest novel, set in pre-Revolutionary War South Carolina, continues to ...Read Review

Bitter Spirits

By Jenn Bennett - Published 2013



In San Francisco, during the Roaring Twenties, Aida Palmer makes a living conjuring up the spirits of the dead at sold-out audiences in ...Read Review

Silence for the Dead

By Simone St. James - Published 2014



In 1919, young Kitty Weeks is fleeing her past and her abusive father. Forging her credentials, she secures a nursing position at Portis House, ...Read Review


By Fernando Pérez Valdez - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Author Pérez Valdez has carved out a unique niche in historical fiction by writing exclusively about Spanish missionaries of the 16th and 17...Read Review

Winter of the Metal People

By Dennis Herrick - Published 2013


Despite the fact that so many public buildings, parks, and monuments throughout what is today America’s Southwest bear the name “Coronado,” Francisco ...Read Review

The Séance Society

By Michael Northcott - Published 2013



Young Lee Plunkett has inherited his father’s private-eye business but doesn’t seem cut out for the job as much as his ...Read Review

The Unmarked Road

By George Cadwalader - Published 2012


Sgt. John “K-Bar” Caleb is one tough Marine. But after suffering serious wounds in Vietnam, the highly decorated vet winds up in the ...Read Review

A Chain of Thunder

By Jeff Shaara - Published 2013



Jeff Shaara once again visits the battlefields of the Civil War in this novel, this time recounting the siege of Vicksburg in the ...Read Review

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