Toward the Sunrise

Written by Judith Pella
Review by Viviane Crystal

The three Keagan sisters take the fortitude, hope, and wisdom of faith-filled Americans into the vilest of global war situations in this third novel of the Daughters of Fortune series.
Plagued by malaria, malnutrition, and war wounds, Blair is forced to perform critical medical procedures on fallen soldiers while Sam, her Japanese-American husband, must protect his men and at the same time impede the enemy’s advance into the deepest jungle of the Philippines. Cameron, a wartime correspondent working in Russia, deepens her relationship with a Russian doctor but fails to meet a sibling whose life is clouded in protective secrecy. Jackie chooses to live with her husband and bear a child inside a Japanese internment camp in America, a choice that will challenge and eventually transform her parents’ beliefs about patriotic loyalty.
Initially dependent upon a young, untested Christian faith, these three women mature into stalwart, compassionate people. Their faith buttresses their internal world and radiates love to the war-torn external world. Pella excels at portraying the divisions between men and women and the subsequent union that stems from deep belief in a higher vision.