The Killing Way

Written by Anthony Hays Tony Hays

In this Arthurian mystery, the central character is Malgwyn ap Cuneglas. Once a feared warrior, he lost his sword arm in a battle with the Saxons and is now employed by Arthur as a scribe. The Britons have gathered to elect a new leader, but there are many who would not wish Arthur to succeed. A woman is found brutally murdered, and the evidence points to Arthur’s old friend and advisor, Merlin. If his guilt is proved, it will irrevocably damage Arthur’s chances of becoming leader. Malgwyn finds that he must face his own demons and survive the lethal jostling for power in court while trying to uncover the truth regardless of the consequences.

The novel starts slowly but builds to an exciting and satisfying climax. It is well researched, and all the characters are clearly defined and realistic, while the plot once it takes off is fast paced and gripping. I found the central character, Malgwyn, a little difficult to relate to at first, but as the book progressed, his character developed and became more sympathetic and understandable. This is an absorbing blend of mystery and history which will appeal to a wide range of readers. Recommended.