The Assassins of Isis

Written by P. C. Doherty
Review by Patrika Salmon

This is the fifth Egyptian murder mystery starring Lord Amerotke, the Pharaoh’s chief judge. It is a quick- paced adventure with plenty of Egyptian detail to fascinate the reader. Pharaoh Hatusu asks Amerotke to stop the audacious grave robbers. It seems a simple request, but in fact there’s more at stake. Then General Suten has been murdered, and there is trouble at the Temple of Isis. Why have four temple girls vanished, and who murdered the captain of the Temple Guard? There are also complaints that old people sent to the Temple hospital are dying there, leaving large sums of money to the Temple. Amerotke finds all the cases are linked, and so assassins try to stop him before he finds the chief perpetrators. It’s an exciting read.