Seducing an Angel

Written by Mary Balogh
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In this fourth Regency romance series starring the Huxtable family, Stephen Huxtable, unattached youngest and only son, gets the spotlight. Set two years after the marriage of Meg, our favorite golden-haired angelic man becomes the perfect target for Cassandra Belmont, a destitute widow who allegedly murdered her husband. In Town hoping to find a wealthy, wellborn lover, Cassandra wants someone to support her while she pieces her life back together. Setting her sights on Stephen, Cassandra soon learns that heartless seduction is not easy when Stephen pronounces he will not accept a mistress; but only a friend, and a wife.

While not as sparkling as her Slightly series, the Huxtables still contain Balogh’s trademarks: flawed yet engaging characters, and a charmingly alluring storyline. Delving into deeper themes, including alcoholism and domestic violence, this series rings slightly modern. But with her adept skill and creative storytelling, Balogh still manages to create a passionate love story that dazzles. Seducing an Angel is a fine addition to the series, and fans will hope to see cousin Con Huxtable’s story next.