Rivers Of Gold

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Cindy Vallar

Miranda Colton awakens in a stranger’s cabin after being washed overboard on a trip to the Yukon in 1898. During her recuperation, the frigid winter prevents her from rejoining her friends who believe her dead. Teddy Davenport, an English botanist, is thankful God spared Miranda, but considers her a distraction. She interferes with his fulfillment of a deathbed promise to his father.

When they finally reach the gold-mining town of Dawson, Miranda faces more challenges. How will she find her friends? How will she contact her family? How will she survive? How can she abandon Teddy? Her faith is tested daily, but she never wavers from trusting God.

This inspirational romance paints a gritty portrait of frontier life in the waning days of the gold rush. Greed, murder, and other sins intrude into the characters’ daily lives, but faith sustains them. Frequent religious references may dissuade some readers, while those unfamiliar with previous titles in the series may become puzzled when the story switches to a minor character’s viewpoint. At times the characters’ belief in God detracts from the story’s suspense, and solutions to problems come across as too neatly solved to satisfy. Those who enjoy inspirational romance, however, will enjoy this latest by Tracie Peterson.