Iron and Gold (Wolves of Odin, 3)

Written by S.J.A. Turney
Review by Lisa Redmond

This is the third book in Turney’s Wolves of Odin series. The series features a band of Viking mercenaries as they travel throughout the Viking world seeking gold, adventure and whatever fate awaits them. They have escaped from Constantinople and are making their way through Italy. Divided loyalties mean that the group splits up, with Ketil leading one group that no longer wants to follow Halfdan. Italy is in disarray as the general leading the Byzantine army’s campaign is overthrown, and the Wolves are in danger of ending up on opposing sides of the battlefield. This is a thrilling romp of medieval derring-do, friendship and found family with a likeable group of characters and a wonderful insight into a little-known period of history. The debates about religion and the seer Gunnhild’s struggles with her visions are particularly interesting and insightful. This is an ideal read for fans of Giles Kristian, Theodore Brun, or Bernard Cornwell.