A Hint of Seduction

Written by Amelia Grey
Review by Suzanne J. Sprague

Headstrong Catherine Reynolds is experiencing her first season in London, guided by her widowed sister-in-law Victoria. If Victoria marries Catherine to a titled man, she will collect a bonus promised by Catherine’s presumed father before he died. But Catherine has other motives, due to her recent discovery that her real father is one of three men who abandoned her mother twenty-one years ago. Her plan of escaping the season unattached is hampered when she meets John Wickenham-Thickenham-Fines, Earl of Chatwin, under potentially scandalous circumstances. The Earl, a renowned rogue, is equally smitten and helps her with her quest to identify her father as well as to explore her awakening sexuality.

Gracefully alternating between the hero’s and heroine’s viewpoints, Grey keeps the tension wound as John and Catherine seek the answers to Catherine’s heritage and ways to indulge their physical attraction while appearing to adhere to the rules of the Regency-era courtship. Lord Truefitt’s gossip column in the local paper provides the fodder for conflict as the two lovers misinterpret each other’s intentions.

The mystery component and Catherine’s willing seduction makes this novel enjoyable for those who prefer a steamy romance.