Sarah Johnson

While Paris Slept: A Novel

By Ruth Druart - Published 2021


To what lengths would you go to ensure your child’s survival?  What would you sacrifice in yourself to preserve their well-being?  With ...Read Review

Irena’s War

By James D. Shipman - Published 2020


Propulsive and intense, Irena’s War provides a front-row seat to the transformation of a Polish social worker into one of World War ...Read Review

The Ballad of Hattie Taylor

By Susan Andersen - Published 2021



Around the turn of the 20th century, an eleven-year-old red-headed orphan arrives in a small town, and her irrepressible curiosity and outspokenness shake ...Read Review

The Diabolical Bones (A Brontë Sisters Mystery)

By Bella Ellis - Published 2021



This second in the Brontë Sisters Mysteries is for readers eager to be drenched in all things gothic. Bella Ellis (pseudonym for Rowan ...Read Review

Fifty Words for Rain: A Novel

By Asha Lemmie - Published 2020



With her first novel, Asha Lemmie proves herself a talented writer unafraid to take chances. Her heroine’s situation is unique, and her ...Read Review

The Tainted

By Cauvery Madhavan - Published 2020


Madhavan describes an era long gone which continues to make an impact. An Indian-born writer who has lived in Ireland for over thirty ...Read Review

The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge)

By Ken Follett - Published 2020



Over a century before The Pillars of the Earth, the future English cathedral town of Kingsbridge is a mere hamlet with a stone ...Read Review

Even As We Breathe

By Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle - Published 2020



Clapsaddle’s debut, the first novel by an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, is an impressive work of literary ...Read Review

Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish: A Novel

By Tori Whitaker - Published 2020


Tori Whitaker is an avid reader of novels that juggle past and present-day timelines, highlighting worthy examples on social media and penning a ...Read Review

The Flame Within (Linford Series)

By Liz Harris - Published 2020



The pages turn swiftly in The Flame Within, second in Liz Harris’s Linford Saga. Rather than a sequel to The Dark Horizon, ...Read Review

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