Sarah Johnson

The First Emma

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2020


By all accounts, Emma Koehler was an extraordinary woman. A prominent figure in the history of San Antonio, Texas, she was a German ...Read Review

The Summer Fields

By LP Fergusson - Published 2020



Fergusson’s unique historical romance reads like many novels in one: it patches together a creepy gothic story, horror fiction, and entertaining historical ...Read Review

The Orphan’s Gift

By Renita D'Silva - Published 2020


Spanning over 70 years, Renita D’Silva’s newest novel is a touching generational saga about women searching for belonging, falling in love, enduring ...Read Review


By Jeffrey Colvin - Published 2019



Colvin’s debut novel, a literary saga spanning over seventy years, is as much about the legacy of a place as the place ...Read Review

A Perfect Explanation

By Eleanor Anstruther - Published 2020


Anstruther’s debut centers on a shocking truth from her family history. Her paternal grandmother Enid Campbell, descendant of the Earls of Argyll, ...Read Review

A Fall of Shadows: A Bess Ellyott Mystery

By Nancy Herriman - Published 2019



Bess Ellyott is a widowed herbalist in late-Elizabethan Wiltshire. As historical fiction readers will foresee, this means she’s an easy target for ...Read Review

A Long Petal of the Sea

By Isabel Allende - By Nick Caistor and Amanda Hopkinson (trans.) - Published 2020



Allende’s fluidly written saga conveys her deep familiarity with the events she depicts, and her intent to illustrate their human impact in ...Read Review

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics: Feminine Pursuits

By Olivia Waite - Published 2019



This superb novel, set during Regency times, unveils the love story between two intelligent women who, in different ways, struggle to be taken ...Read Review

The Ghost of Madison Avenue: A Novella

By Nancy Bilyeau - Published 2019


Diverse locales of old New York are the setting for Bilyeau’s atmospheric novella, which takes place in 1912, in the days leading up ...Read Review

The Last Passenger: A Charles Lenox Mystery

By Charles Finch - Published 2020



This last of the three prequels to Finch’s Charles Lenox mysteries finds our aristocratic detective in his late twenties, in 1855, feeling the ...Read Review

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