Sarah Johnson

Up From Freedom

By Wayne Grady - Published 2018


Drawing on research into his mixed-race family history, which he unexpectedly discovered as an adult, Grady evokes the complicated psychological terrain of antebellum ...Read Review

The Witch of Willow Hall

By Hester Fox - Published 2018


Tapping into recent interests in Gothic fiction, Fox’s uneven debut focuses on the middle daughter of a wealthy New England family who ...Read Review

Daughters of the Lake

By Wendy Webb - Published 2018



Wendy Webb’s newest Gothic novel is partly a paranormal time-slip with occasional ghosts and spooky happenings. It’s also a multi-period saga ...Read Review

The Antique Dealer’s Daughter

By Lorna Gray - Published 2018


Gray’s third historical novel takes place in the postwar Cotswolds, a place whose bucolic appearance conceals a difficult past. In 1947, Emily Sutton, ...Read Review

The Deepest Grave

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2018



In his entertaining 11th adventure, Crispin Guest, known throughout late 14th-century London as the Tracker, has his hands full with two perplexing cases. ...Read Review

Cometh the Hour

By Annie Whitehead - Published 2017


With a careful hand and keen appreciation for the era’s material culture, Annie Whitehead, the inaugural winner of the HWA Dorothy Dunnett ...Read Review

The Air You Breathe

By Frances De Pontes Peebles - Published 2018



A soaring fusion of emotion, intense drama, and the compelling rhythms of Brazilian music, The Air You Breathe belongs to the special category ...Read Review

Beneath an Indian Sky

By Renita D'Silva - Published 2018



Author D’Silva transports readers to her native India in a new multi-period novel exploring her frequent themes of difficult family dynamics and ...Read Review

The Portrait of Molly Dean

By Katherine Kovacic - Published 2018



“Lane & Co. think they have a portrait of a pretty but unknown girl by an unknown artist. However, I am planning to ...Read Review

Swimming Between Worlds

By Elaine Neil Orr - Published 2018


Written with candor and compassion, Orr’s second novel takes place in the conservative South in 1959 with short flashbacks to her home country ...Read Review

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