Greer Macallister

The Arctic Fury

By Greer Macallister - Published 2020


Lady Jane Franklin says she does not believe her husband, the explorer John Franklin, is dead. Multiple expeditions to the Arctic have failed ...Read Review

Woman 99

By Greer Macallister - Published 2019


When Charlotte Smith’s bipolar sister Phoebe is committed by their parents to the Goldengrove Home for the Curable Insane because of something ...Read Review

Girl in Disguise

By Greer Macallister - Published 2017


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

Kate Warne was born in New York State in 1833. By the time she was 23, she was a widow ready to challenge convention by ...Read Review

The Magician’s Lie

By Greer Macallister - Published 2015



“Those who tell their own story, you know, must be listened to with caution.” This quote from Jane Austen’s Sanditon is rightly ...Read Review