Five Star

The Blaze of Noon

By Tim Champlin - Published 2006



It is 1878. Dan Mora, a fifty-eight-year-old prospector, and his unlikely comrade, Quanto, a Tarahumara Indian, discover more than gold in the desert of ...Read Review

Death on the Ladies Mile

By Diana Haviland - Published 2006



The Ladies Mile, stretching from 8th to 23rd Street in 1880s New York City, housed the shops and restaurants frequented by the city’...Read Review

Holmes on the Range

By Steve Hockensmith - Published 2006



When a writer mixes genres, such as a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery and a Western, you hold your breath. Can two such disparate styles ...Read Review

The Reluctant Assassin

By Preston Darby - Published 2005


Alternate HistoryMystery/Crime

When an unidentified mummy discovered in a long-abandoned Texas barn is examined, a diary is found embedded in its chest cavity—a diary ...Read Review

Ghost Legion

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2005



This is a very gritty depiction of the events leading up to the battle of King’s Mountain in 1780. The author, a Spur ...Read Review

Cabin Gulch

By Zane Grey - Published 2006



When I was young, my father owned the Zane Grey collection, and I read many volumes. I found some of them bland and ...Read Review

Bent Red Moon

By Russ Hall - Published 2005



There’s a reason why the boy-gets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-finds-girl formula has lasted so long. It’s a story that readers continually find interesting. ...Read Review

A Heart for Any Fate

By Suzanne Lyon - Published 2005


Biographical FictionSaga

On the beautiful banks of the New River in Virginia in 1790, Hannah Allison married Willard Temple Cole. Hannah and Temple took up farming ...Read Review

Doniphan’s Thousand

By Les Savage Jr. - Published 2005


Biographical FictionWestern

How did Alexander Doniphan, a Missouri lawyer, win command of the 1st Missouri Volunteers in the Mexican War? In the custom of the ...Read Review

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

By Joanne Sundell - Published 2006



Newly qualified doctor Zoe-Esther Zundelevich must take her father, Yitzhak, west to try to cure his tuberculosis. But 1867 Colorado Territory is not very ...Read Review