HNS North California Chapter

Contact: Ana Brazil



October 20

City of Menlo Park Recreation Center – Cypress Room, 701 Laurel Street, CA 94025

Martha Conway will be talking about her experiences with traditional and self publishing. I have seen her speak at multiple conferences and workshops, always one of my favorites. And she’s an HNS member!

Martha Conway’s latest novel, The Underground River, was selected as a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice. She is also the author of Thieving Forest, which won the North American Book Award in Historical Fiction, and Sugarland, which was named one of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2016.

Martha’s short fiction has appeared in the Iowa Review, Mississippi Review, The Quarterly, Carolina Quarterly, and other publications. She has reviewed fiction for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Iowa Review, and is a recipient of a California Arts Council fellowship in Creative Writing. In addition to writing, Martha is an instructor of creative writing at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program and UC Berkeley Extension. She received her BA from Vassar College in History and English, and her MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Born and raised in Ohio, she now lives in San Francisco with her family, where the fog reminds her of lake-effect cloud cover in Cleveland.

WIPs: In place of our normal WIPs we’re doing something COMPLETELY different this time. Melanie has organized a small panel to lead the charge, but instead of commenting on a pile of pages from three people, this time, EVERYONE has an opportunity to get some feedback in a First Para Workshop!Here’s how it will work:

Members submit first paragraphs–only one paragraph–to Melanie at She’ll collect them and strip your name and so forth from them, and they’ll be read aloud at the meeting and analyzed by the panel and the membership.

You may submit as many first paragraphs as you like, but only THE FIRST PARAGRAPH. It can be from anything you’re working on–if you want feedback on a published work, that’s okay too. It’s entirely up to you! The deadline for submissions is October 6.

To cover the cost of the room we are asking for a $7 contribution at the meeting. We are still in need of a snacks coordinator for the meeting. If anyone is willing to help out please let me know.


Hope to see you there! MORE INFO COMING SOON…