Worms 4: Mayhem: Y8 Game Review

Launching the next, fourth part of the eminent series about battles with a worm, cats scratched their hearts. I still can't believe that Team 17 was able to bring the world of Worms to 3D despite the fans' displeasure. Everyone remembers the failed projects: Worms 3D and Worms Forts: Under Siege. It would seem that the developers will come to their senses, and generally stop releasing the popular game, but no, they continue their business! What kind of sweetness came out this time?

For people who at one time did not sit day and night at the monitors, listening to endless "oh, it hurts" or "catch a grenade", I will briefly tell you about the predecessors of the series.

It was a long time ago, now you can't even remember everything ... Sweet memories paint 2D-graphics, beautiful for those years, pinkish worms and mountains of weapons with which seemingly harmless diggers destroyed each other. Children's play grew into a non-childish adult addiction to play. Many then did not come to work, but sat at home, half asleep, with red eyes playing out the next mission ... Team 17 realized that it was possible to make money on this, and it started ... Additions, half-continuation (we are talking primarily about Worms Blast y8 girls) and fell in pouring rain on our heads, and we played, played ... And there was no end to the joys, but a new century came, and it brought with it the latest developments in the field of game development, in particular - graphics. The "flat" picture began to cause a slight, at first, bewilderment, therefore, on the stocks of developers, work on the second full-fledged part of the worm game series with excellent graphics and new features began to boil. However, the developers' rosy dreams of a high-quality transfer of the box office series into three-dimensional space were not destined to come true - Worms 3D and Worms Forts: Under Siege turned out to be extremely weak products at the exit.

Having started the game, the first thing I noticed was that the camera did not suffer from rabies, or even worse, osteochondrosis. It is smooth, able to move well and does not disturb the musculoskeletal system of the players. Management has also undergone changes for the better: movement, jumping, shooting - everything is done at the proper level and almost no complaints. Why almost? Because using a “rope” or “rocket pack” in 3D is so hard!

Filling Worms 4, roughly speaking, suffers. A 25-mission campaign about student worms (can you imagine this comedy?) Who have been asked to learn from a certain Professor. But, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, for the worms, the study did not end sweetly - the breakdown of the time machine leads to the fact that our group of students will have to visit 4 different eras.

In addition to a very modest campaign, there is a quick play mode - arbitrary commands on random maps. But we have already seen this, and more than once.

Game over the network and the Internet - did the developers want to surprise us? I don’t think so, and they themselves do not particularly praise the multiplayer part of the game, although it was due to the fault of the insanely exciting multiplayer duels that the representatives of the Worms clan lingered on the hard drives of gamers for a long time.

Of the other innovations, I remember the editor mode. Now we do not just create our own team, assigning any names to the worms, this time we have the opportunity to edit them! Hang beard, mustache, glasses, hat on invertebrate characters - whatever you like! This is where fantasy walks, and also in the weapon editor, which is also an equally interesting thing. From specially prepared details we "glue" the future miracle, and then adjust the damage caused to it, the time of appearance, etc. Naturally, to recreate a weapon that would enslave everyone and everything will not work out - there is a balance limiter.

The funniest thing I like most about worms is the sound, or rather the voice acting of the characters. Their funny phrases can make everyone who plays the game smile. Or pop-up inscriptions that appear after the next landing of the bonus. I did not find more remarkable things in this section.

You cannot say a lot about the graphics engine, and it is not necessary, because we are not praising Source now. The base on which the game is being built remains the same, that is, from the old man Worms 3D... True, she still endured, albeit not strong, but noticeable repairs. All were sanded to shine, tested until blue in the face - the result is obvious. Cartoon graphics combined with a pleasant range of colors gives a stunning result! There are no latest technologies, no advanced play of light and shadow, but everything is done in, so to speak, “home” cozy style.

So, in short:
- The good old worms are a definite plus, but with the 3D measurement, let everyone decide for themselves, I brought it, alas, to the table of game disadvantages.
- For such a project, this is what you need, although the polygons on the model could not be spared.
- The phrases of the characters are just tenderness, but the music does not catch up with the atmosphere.
- An easy campaign combined with great possibilities of playing on the Internet gives a game for a month.

Pros: Great development of the 1995 idea.
Cons: There are no bright minuses, but inexpressive music and light campaign are still noticed.
General impression: More or less sane 3D project about worms.