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From the positive effects of taking anabolic steroids can be distinguished: strength (training, balanced diet), an increase in the number of contractile fibers in muscle tissue; reduced fat (metabolism); endurance (increased number of mitochondria, increased oxygen consumption);

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Schemes for the use of anabolic steroids are different, foreign and domestic sites make it possible to “evaluate” the variety of ways of introducing prohibited drugs into the body of athletes, in the blogosphere and on “almost” sites. athletes ", some of these methods are described as having the maximum effect with minimal side reactions from the body:

"Combined" method, which consists in the simultaneous use of several anabolic steroids (oral and injectable forms), that is, the effect of drugs on each other is enhanced;

the phenomenon of "plateau" observed in an athlete using anabolic steroids that he has already used, and does not give the desired increase in muscle mass and strength;

means of "fast switching" from one steroid to another, which gives a possible effective reaction of the athlete's body to the action of the new (next) drug after the cessation of the previous one;