Blackjack for Dummies: From A to Z

Even the most professional blackjack players once knew nothing about the game. Where should a beginner begin? What aspects, terms and variations of blackjack should a player know?

The Gaming Table

In most gambling establishments, you can find green cloth tables designed for playing blackjack for dummies cheat sheet. They are designed for 5 or 7 participants. The dealer is placed on one side of the table, dealing cards, and the gamblers are seated around him.


The dealer is a person who is a representative of the casino, against which the game is conducted. He changes every few hands. The dealer's job is to shuffle and deal cards to himself and the players.


Blackjack uses the traditional 52 card deck, with one to eight cards. The dealer may use card-count protection - if the game is played with one or two decks, he will ask a random player to divide the deck for shuffling.

The goal of the game

The player's task is to defeat the dealer. It doesn't matter what cards were dealt to the table's neighbors - they don't affect the result. The only important thing is to get more points than the dealer and not to get more than 21 points, as it leads to losing.

The value of the cards

Cards with numbers are valued according to their face value, pictures are worth 10 points. An Ace is worth 1 or 11 points.

Types of Hands

The hand can be soft or hard. In the first case, the combination includes an 11-point ace. In the second, there is either no ace or it is worth 1 point.

Rules of the Game for the Dealer

The dealer can never make his own decisions - all his moves are strictly governed by the rules of blackjack. The rules are always written down and indicated on the table in such a way that it is convenient for all players to read them.

Should I get a card?

After getting the first pair of cards the player may either stop immediately, or continue taking additional cards until he reaches 21 points. If there is an overshoot - 22 points or more - the player automatically loses.


Doubling is an opportunity to double your bet. In this case, the player can get only one additional card. One of the best times to use this option is if the player has a total of 9 points and the dealer's open card is 4.

Hand Split

Paired cards on the first hand allow you to double your winnings. A pair of cards of equal value is split into two hands that are played separately. The bet must be doubled. The best opportunity to use the split is to get two eights.