The Lying Art – panel discussion from HNSLondon12

Featuring Elizabeth Chadwick, Emma Darwin, Barbara Ewing, Daisy Goodwin, Ian Mortimer and Harry Sidebottom.

Posted by Richard Lee


  1. Judith Schara
    April 10, 2013

    Richard, this is a thrilling idea. Last night I relaxed with a glass of wine and a notebook handy and watched and listened to the panel discussion and learned a lot. For me this was a great gift as I was not able to attend the conference and know how valuable that information and contact can be. As a HNS member I hope this format is expanded. I would love to vicariously attend these sessions. It’s also a way to enhance the feeling of community, especially between people, like me, who could not afford the travel, and my collective HNS family in the UK. I hope we have more.