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Bombay’s Legal Detective

Agatha and Macavity Award-winning author Sujata Massey’s latest novel, The Widows of Malabar Hill (Soho Press, 2018), is the first in her new ...Read Article

A Starring Role: Female Detectives Take Centre Stage

Female detectives first made their appearance in the middle of the nineteenth century. In 1864, the female detective stepped into English fiction in the ...Read Article

New Voices: Annabel Abbs, Jennifer S. Brown, Aimie K. Runyan & J. Aaron Sanders

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Tumbling into Historical Fiction: An Interview with Juliette Fay

“It wasn’t a career that I was after. It was just that I wanted a life that didn’t mean spending most ...Read Article

Deep Waters: Sally Zigmond Explores the Work of Sarah Waters

By 2002, Sarah Waters had published three excellent historical novels, but it wasn’t until then that Andrew Davies’s infamous BBC TV adaptation ...Read Article

Erika Robuck on her new release Call me Zelda, as Gatsby opens in Cannes

AF: Congrats on the release of your third novel, Call Me Zelda. Like Hemingway’s Girl, Call Me Zelda is getting rave reviews ...Read Article

The ghosts of wartime past: Simone St. James’ 1920s Gothic fiction

SJ: An Inquiry into Love and Death is set in post-WWI England, and the war still exerts a strong pull on the characters. ...Read Article