Great Expectations Meets Grantchester? Clarissa Harwood’s Bear No Malice

Claire Morris talks to author Clarissa Harwood about choosing the 20th century After she completed the first draft of her novel Impossible Saints (...Read Article

New Voices: Carys Davies, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Tadzio Koelb & Daniela Tully

Introducing us to history’s thrilling hidden stories are debut novelists Carys Davies, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Tadzio Koelb and Daniela Tully. While exploring ...Read Article

Multi-Period Novels: The Keys to Weaving Together Two Stories from Different Time Periods

In Historical Fiction II: A Guide to the Genre, HNR’s own Sarah Johnson discusses how “multi-period novels shift between contemporary and historical ...Read Article

Archival Fever

Any historical fiction writer has to be something of a sleuth. For my first novel, The Pagoda Tree (Viking Australia, 2013), I met a ...Read Article

Ancient Greece, Modern Italy: Violent Parallels

Alessandro Barbero is a historian and the author of several major history books. He also writes fiction, winning the Strega Prize in 1996, and ...Read Article

Lost Season of Love and Snow: Love, Power, Sex and Death in Imperial Russia

Jennifer Laam is the author of two previous novels, The Secret Daughter of the Tsar (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2013) and The Tsarina’s ...Read Article

New Voices: Elizabeth Jane Corbett, Clarissa Harwood, Teresa Messineo and Tom Miller

The New Year has unveiled the writings of debut novelists Elizabeth Jane Corbett, Clarissa Harwood, Teresa Messineo and Tom Miller. Teresa Messineo, author ...Read Article

New Voices: Kate Mildenhall, Joy Rhoades, Helen Steadman & Theodore Wheeler

Casting new light on the past through detailed research and vivid recreations of past people and places are debut novelists Kate Mildenhall, Joy ...Read Article

Sebastian Barry: The Importance of Waiting & Listening

Sebastian Barry is not easily forgotten, whether as author or performer. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him read from his ...Read Article

Coming-of-Age Journeys: Growing Up in a Different Time

A coming-of-age story – or Bildungsroman – focusses on the psychological or moral growth of its protagonist from youth to adulthood. It generally involves a ...Read Article

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