Historical Novels Review

New Voices: Lorraine Bateman & Paul Cole, Peter James Cottrell, Genevieve Graham, Alex Grecian, Lois Leveen, and Taylor Polites

War, intrigue, murder and unsung heroes and heroines provided starting points for this issue’s debut novelists. Peter James Cottrell explains that his ...Read Article

The Red Pencil: Tom Behr’s Blood Brothers

Cindy Vallar analyzes the work behind polished, finished manuscripts. In this issue, she profiles Tom Behr’s Blood Brothers (CreateSpace, 2011). It It was ...Read Article

Titanic Tales: The Titanic’s Legacy to Historical Fiction

What is it about the sinking of the ocean liner RMS Titanic on the night of April 14, 1912 that has captured the imagination of ...Read Article

Living History: Choices & Consequences

An Interview with Lisa See Just remember, a person is his — or her — history…What is your history and what are you going ...Read Article

The Spy Who Went Out into the Cold

Or, How a Minor German Princess became Catherine the Great  |  an interview with Eva Stachniak Catherine the Great is a towering historical figure ...Read Article

Perseverance & Quiet Courage

An interview with Susan Higginbotham MC: What motivated you to become interested in the history of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England? SH: I had ...Read Article

A Chronicler of People’s Stories

An interview with Gabrielle Kimm Gabrielle Kimm is passionate about her writing, her latest book and her characters. In fact, you might imagine ...Read Article