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History & Film | A Still & Quiet Horror: Lady Macbeth

As I write this, it’s nearing Halloween, so my first thought was to pick something rather monstrous – perhaps the various incarnations of ...Read Article

History & Film: My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel: The Beauty of Ambiguity In my personal canon of Gothic literature, Daphne du Maurier is one of the greater saints. ...Read Article

History & Film: Alexander Nevsky and the Uses of Historical Fiction

“The logic behind it makes everything clearer, but only after the emotional response.” –Sergei Eisenstein 1 The film Alexander Nevsky, made in Russia by ...Read Article

History & Film | Austen’s Alternate Universe: Taboo

“Nobody excels at playing ferocious psychopaths with a sensitive side quite like Tom Hardy.” 1 The Regency era is fixed in the mind of ...Read Article

History & Film: Victoria

It isn’t easy being queen. So say two new TV series: Victoria, which has already aired on ITV in the UK and ...Read Article

History & Film: The Egyptian

In high school, when I was out for the summer, I’d stay up late for marathon viewing of American Movie Classics (back ...Read Article

History & Film: The Poldark Saga

Winston Graham was the definition of a prolific author; beginning in 1934, he published at least one book a year until he died in 2003. ...Read Article

History & Film: The Female Gaze: Outlander

I should probably get something out of the way immediately: I have not read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books. They’ve been on ...Read Article

History & Film: TV, Film & the Historical Novel

It’s not too long ago that historical fiction was perceived to be a minority interest, or at least to be in the ...Read Article

History & Film: BBC America’s Copper series

GANGS? HOOKERS? 1864? WE’RE IN. So quoth reviewer Tim Stack1 about the BBC America series Copper, which saw its first season last year, ...Read Article