Steven A McKay talks Robin Hood and how his debut novel Wolf’s Head is storming the Kindle charts

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Jessica Brockmole reveals the story and history behind her debut, Letters from Skye

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Berwick Coates talks about his magisterial debut The Last Conquest: 1066

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John Henry Clay on his debut novel, The Lion and the Lamb

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Nick Rennison on his Sherlock Holmes influenced debut, Carver’s Quest, and the pleasures of reviewing historical fiction for the Sunday Times

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Diana Gabaldon takes time out from packing for the HNS Conference in Florida to quiz fellow delegate Jenny Barden about her paperback debut, Mistress of the Sea

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Anton DiSclafani talks The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls with Arleigh Johnson

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Nigel Wild talks about his debut Nightwalk, set in occupied France

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Paul Fraser Collard on his debut novel, The Scarlet Thief, released yesterday – a new rival for Richard Sharpe

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Richard Lee talks with Paul Lynch about his debut Red Sky in Morning

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