Wolf’s Temptation

Written by Donna Birdsell
Review by Rebecca Roberts

It is 1776 and Ethan Gray, a spymaster called the Wolf, is on the hunt for a smuggler shipping arms to colonial rebels in America. At every turn, he finds himself frustrated by a mysterious woman he can only recognize by the alluring scent she leaves behind. Having made no progress, his boss, Lord North, assigns him to work with the renowned spy, the Raven. Much to Ethan’s dismay, the Raven turns out to be Maris Winter, who has spent her life admiring Ethan after he risked his own life to try and save her father’s many years ago.

When Maris is assigned to work with Ethan, he turns from hero to rival. With many secrets, Maris has good reasons for protecting the very man the Wolf is stalking. However, she realizes she must choose between her loyalties to the past, or a new future as the Wolf’s partner.

In this plot-twisting, surprising novel, Birdsell has crafted an interesting tale of espionage and romance. Readers gain a fascinating British view on the Revolution, with entertaining characters that enliven the story. Although its plot is not entirely believable, a bit too coincidental, and rather forgettable, this book is nevertheless a fun read for a rainy day.