Wolf Hunt: The Napoleonic Murders

Written by Armand Cabasson Isabel Reid (trans.)
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

During the Napoleonic Wars in 1809, Napoleon’s army is camped outside Vienna awaiting reinforcements. Captain Quentin Margont of the 18th Infantry Regiment of the line befriends a young lieutenant, a hussar named Lukas Relmyer. Margont learns that Relmyer is Austrian, not French, and an orphan who was kidnapped as a child. Margont joins forces with Relmyer and an Austrian woman named Luise, who was an orphan with Relmyer, to track down his kidnapper and a soon-to-be-discovered serial killer, who has killed other young boys since Relmyer’s capture and escape years ago.

This second in the Napoleonic Murders series was translated from the French by Isabel Reid. I found the suspense gripping in the characters’ attempt to locate the murderer of the young boys. Interspersed within the mystery is the actual battle between the French and the Austrians, which culminates at the conclusion of the book. The author intertwines the mystery with battle scenes, which are well written and authentic in detail. Although I’ve read the first novel in the series, I feel that this book can stand alone. With scenes rich in historical detail, especially the description of life in Vienna during the war, the author did a masterful job in drawing the reader into this time period. I look forward to the author’s next entry and highly recommend this book.