Wizard’s Daughter

Written by Catherine Coulter
Review by Troy Reed

Catherine Coulter mesmerizes readers with a blend of history, fantasy, and a touch of the paranormal in her tenth book in the Brides series. Rosalind de la Fontaine does not know anything about her past, only that when she was eight years old, she was found beaten in an alleyway. Ryder Sherbrooke rescues her, and his family raises her. She does not speak at first, and when she finally does utter her first words, they are a haunting song that comes from deep inside her.

Ten years later, in 1835, Rosalind meets Nicholas Vail, newly returned to England after a long absence to reclaim his lands. The two are instantly and inexplicably drawn to one another.

The pair happens upon an ancient book written in a code that no one can understand except Rosalind, and they begin to unravel the mystery of the book and its contents. Rosalind realizes that the book, her song, and even she herself are somehow intertwined.

With convincing characters and a sense of foreboding, Coulter constructs a spellbinding tale of passion, love, and magic as Rosalind and Nicholas try to understand their role in an ancient mystery that begs to be solved. A quick read that is sure to delight!