With This Ring

Written by Carla Kelly
Review by Susan McDuffie

London, 1814: Lydia Perkins accompanies her family to London for the season. Cinderella-like, she waits on her beautiful and insipid sister, who is expected to make an excellent match. While visiting an infirmary for wounded soldiers Lydia is moved by the suffering men and returns to nurse them despite the objections of her family.  Among the wounded is Major Sam Reed. When Lydia’s surprising outspokenness on behalf of the wounded lands her in the briars, Sam makes a proposal. Would Lydia pose as the wife he invented whilst on campaign in an attempt to appease a rich aunt? Without many options, Lydia accompanies Sam to Northumberland, learning much about herself and the perplexing man she has married along the way.

With This Ring was originally published in 1997, but time has not dulled the appeal of this charming Regency romance. The pacing moves along, the plot has many unexpected twists and turns, and Lydia’s transformation along the journey is a pleasure to behold. Carla Kelly’s Regencies have been re-issued by Camel Press, and I look forward to reading many more of them in the future. Recommended.