With Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale Book 1)

Written by Sarah Sundin
Review by Lauren Miller

In this novel, an anonymous exchange of letters unfolds a cross-cultural story of broken people and the transformational power of God’s mercy and healing. With Every Letter is the first book in a new series (Wings of the Nightingale), which follows three flight nurses in World War II as the scene of action pushes from North Africa to Italy and into southern France. This is the female counterpart to the Wings of Glory series, Sundin’s first WWII trilogy.

Lt. Philomela (Mellie) Blake is an American, but her Filipino heritage instills some old-fashioned values that puts her at odds with the other flight nurses and endangers her post. She must prove she’s a team player by making friends and corresponding with an officer overseas.

Lt. Tom MacGilliver, an army engineer, needs a sterling war record to ensure a post-war job designing bridges. Tom fails to command respect from his troops and refuses to use the notoriety of his name to strong-arm his men. Friendless, his chances seem slim, until Mellie. The anonymity of the letters provides them both the grace to step away from their pasts and nurture a growing respect and admiration.

Both protagonists struggle with the same sin, which alienates them and endangers others. Only when they can offer each other mercy will they discover the love of a lifetime. This book will appeal to inspirational romance readers and WWII buffs alike as Sundin infuses the text with scripture and day-to-day coverage of Operation Torch.