Written by Victoria Lamb
Review by Lorraine Gregory

This novel for young adults follows the adventures of Meg Lytton, a young girl in the service of the Princess Elizabeth during her banishment from court. Living at Woodstock in 1554 amidst intrigue and rebellion, Meg uses her dark gift of magic to help Elizabeth see her future. This is a dangerous time to practice the craft however and Meg soon finds her self at great risk from the witchfinder Marcus Dent.

The author has combined two fascinating ideas here and they work very well together. I really enjoyed the historical aspect, set as it was during a young Elizabeth’s banishment and the added drama provided by the witchcraft gives this novel a very interesting twist.

Woven through it all is a romance between Meg and a young Spanish priest, Alejandro de Castillo that I believe is meant to continue through a series of books and they make an engaging couple with plenty of depth and passion.

Witchstruck is a really good read with plenty of action and romance plus a feisty heroine. Also it has been very well drawn from a historical perspective with many interesting details integrated into the story. I think this book would be well received by young girls who enjoy some action and drama in their romance and a bit of magic in their history.