Wings of the Wind

Written by Connilyn Cossette
Review by J. Lynn Else

1407 BC. To avenge the deaths of her brothers and father, Alanah disguises herself as a man and joins Canaan’s army. Alanah’s goal is to kill as many Hebrews as possible, but she has no illusion that she will live beyond the confrontation. After being wounded on the battlefield, she believes her life is over. Instead, she is rescued by a Hebrew soldier, Tobiah, who discovers her identity in the battle’s aftermath. Instead of slaying her, he brings her to his tent and calls for a healer. Consequently, to ensure her continued protection, the law requires that Tobiah marry her. Alanah can see no other way to ensure her safety, especially since her battle wound has left one of her arms useless. However, after 30 days, the law grants her a choice: remain as Tobiah’s wife or leave the marriage a free woman. They also cannot live in the same tent until the 30 days have passed. As she spends time in the Hebrew camp, Alanah is shocked to find how difficult this choice becomes. But when a devastating secret about Alanah’s past is revealed, can she trust God and her new family to forgive her? Can she forgive herself?

Cossette has deftly crafted a historically rich, character-driven story. The mysterious interconnectedness between different peoples, including between enemies, is thoughtfully explored as the story unravels. While not every surprise is unexpected, the roads taken to get to those places are compelling. Readers will easily fall in love with feisty Alanah along with Cossette’s many other charming characters. The love story is sweet and the plot twists captivating. From wilderness wanderings to the walls of Jericho, Cossette completes her Out of Egypt series with this heartfelt, meaningful journey that spans the final months before the Hebrews enter the Promised Land.