Wings of the Storm

Written by Giles Kristian
Review by Chiara Prezzavento

The late 8th century is a time of violence and change in Scandinavia. While the order of the old gods is threatened, and the great of the land are busy waging war against each other, young Norseman Sigurd Haraldarson is on a quest for revenge against the men who betrayed and murdered his jarl father. With his small but tough war-band, cunning beyond his age, and (possibly) with Odin’s favour, he is quickly making a reputation for himself—as well as the fortune that might soon allow him to challenge the treacherous King Gorm. Meanwhile, Sigurd’s sister Runa is training with Freya’s Maidens on a secluded island, and wondering at the changes that loom on the horizon. Is Ragnaròk, the end of the world, close? Are the gods going to fall?

Giles Kristian draws Sigurd’s story to a stirring conclusion in this tale of vengeance that nicely blends vigorous action, subtle politics and an eerie sense of the Old Norse religion. A vivid, adventurous, thoroughly enjoyable read.