Wings of Morning

Written by Kathleen Morgan
Review by Cindy Vallar

Regan MacLaren loves her husband, but an argument on their wedding night results in his departure, and the next day she finds herself a widow. Her brother-in-law claims Iain Campbell shot Roddy in the back, and Walter convinces Regan they must right this wrong. Regan has second thoughts and sets off to stop Walter.

The Scottish Highlands in 1566 are a dangerous place for a woman riding alone during a storm. When her horse spooks, she hits her head and is dragged far from home. On regaining consciousness, she finds herself under the care of Iain Campbell and his mother. But Regan doesn’t realize he’s her enemy; she doesn’t know who she is. As she struggles to remember, she falls in love with Iain. Intrigues and political struggles soon intrude into the Highlands, complicating and endangering Regan’s life.

Morgan weaves a charming tale that seamlessly intertwines clan life with romance and the struggle to heed God’s wishes. History, however, plays a minor role, and as a result, the story could easily take place in another time without endangering the storyline.