Windsong Manor (Proper Romance Regency)

Written by Julie Wright
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

In Regency England, Eleanora Coventry, Baroness of Kendal, struggles to re-establish herself at her country home following the death of her dictatorial, much older husband. Per his directive, she is raising his illegitimate little girl alongside her own son, the troubled ten-year-old baron. Her husband’s solicitor, Mr. Ashby, has far too much power over her life, and the oddly aristocratic stable hand, Ridley Ellis, has too much power over her emotions. Can she raise two happy, well-adjusted children and stand up to Mr. Ashby’s bullying? And who exactly is the mysterious Mr. Ellis? Can there possibly be a future with him?

This story speaks to finding oneself, moving forward from a difficult past, and creating happiness in new family ties. Unfortunately, a lack of basic research on equine care and on British noble titles mars this otherwise pleasant book. Horses don’t sleep on hay, a pregnant mare can continue to work, and the daughter of a baron is not called a baroness. I could not invest fully in the problems of Mr. Ellis’s noble family either. Circumstances seem contrived to meet the needs of the plot, and the pocket watch issues just seem trite. Julie Wright is a multi-published, award-winning author, but this is probably not her strongest title.