Wild Justice

Written by Priscilla Royal
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1282 in England, Prioress Eleanor, Sister Anne, and Brother Thomas travel to the Mynchen Buckland Priory with a gift to be delivered to the Prioress Amicia. Upon their arrival, they learn Prioress Amicia has been imprisoned, convicted of murdering a widow from the village. Bypassing the newly elected Prioress Emelyne, Eleanor delivers the gift to Prioress Amicia, who claims she did not commit the crime.

Curious as to who the murderer is, Eleanor fakes an injury to her foot, which leaves her incapacitated and unable to leave her room, let alone return home. She then has Sister Anne and Brother Thomas help investigate the crime without the newly elected Prioress having knowledge of their activities.

Priscilla Royal has written many medieval mysteries, and I believe this book will satisfy those who have enjoyed her previous novels. She has written a book with a steadily unraveling plot, with details of the monastery routine coming to life. I loved the characters within the monastery and their interactions in this absorbing blend of history and mystery.