Whose Waves These Are

Written by Amanda Dykes
Review by Linda Harris Sittig

Set in an iconic coastal Maine town, with a dual narrative of the 1940s and 2001, this story centers upon twin brothers: Roy, who goes off to fight in WWII, and Robert, who stays behind. Their lives are forever entwined, even after Roy does not return. In his grief, Robert decides to build a memorial on a nearby island the brothers had spent their youth exploring. Robert sends out requests for people to send him a rock in honor of a loved one, and he will use those materials in building the memorial to soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. He does not anticipate the deluge of rocks that arrive from all corners of America.

In 2001, Annie Bliss, Robert’s great-niece, arrives in the coastal town to visit a now-elderly Robert in the hospital. Running away from her own demons, Annie hopes to reconnect with the great-uncle she remembers from her childhood. She finds the boxes of rocks and unwittingly stumbles upon a family rift so deep that it breaks her heart.

Only when she decides to tackle the rift and solve the mystery of the rocks, does she become involved with the local postman, whose reticence bespeaks a different tragedy. This novel is a story of grief, honor, memory, and love that transcends generations and ultimately speaks of the power of faith.

The story is well-paced with believable characters that leap off the pages. The author has seamlessly woven specific details about the Fresnel lenses of lighthouses, helping the reader understand the uniqueness of these coastal beacons.  Highly recommended.