Who Buries the Dead

Written by C.S. Harris
Review by Ilysa Magnus

Set in 1813, this latest installment in the Lord Devlin series is a dandy! Devlin, aka Sebastian St. Cyr, is drawn to investigate a vicious crime – the murder/decapitation of a wealthy, socially ambitious man who owns a plantation in Jamaica and collects oddities. At the crime scene is left a coffin strap bearing the inscription “King Charles, 1648” – but what is the message? And where did the murderer get that infamous coffin strap?

As the death toll rises, Devlin and his wife, Hero, find themselves drawn into a powder keg of intrigue, involving everyone from the Home Secretary to Jane Austen (yes, that Jane Austen) to Devlin’s greatest nemesis, responsible for almost destroying Devlin during wartime. But now the stakes are even higher than before: Devlin and Hero have a baby son they have to protect.

Harris is one of the best historical mystery writers I’ve read, capturing the reader’s interest and imagination from the first page. Devlin is a magnificent creation, moving through Georgian London from its glitzy Mayfair balls to its seedy Fish Street underbelly fearlessly and with steely determination. He is going to find the killer, and he’ll survive to tell the tale. A most enjoyable read – and it can be read out of sequence.