White Clover

Written by Tricia McGill
Review by Audrey Braver

An Australian businessman named Andrew and his personal assistant Liz, an expert on ancient Gaelic, visit his ancestral home in Scotland. While exploring the decrepit castle, they discover an ancient cloak and badge. As Liz pins them to Andrew, the building shakes as in an earthquake. When things settle down, Andrew and Liz find themselves in the original castle keep. The year is 1050, Macbeth is king, and our time travelers are the guests of Travis McKenna, Laird of the Clan and Andrew’s ancestor. Travis thinks they are spies and immediately confiscates Andrew’s cloak and badge, preventing any return to the twentieth century. To make matters worse, Travis is attracted to Liz, infuriating both Andrew and Travis’ intended bride, who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get rid of her.

McGill gives us a spellbinding, fast-moving plot. Andrew is intelligent, considerate, and out of his depth when pitted against Travis, the strong, virile Alpha male. The heroine, however, seems to vacillate between a strong, well-balanced modern woman and an insecure weak reed.