Whispers of Winter

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

Alaska of the World War I years is the setting for this mix of adventure, romance and religious faith, the last of Peterson’s popular Alaskan Quest trilogy. The story opens with intrepid friends Jacob and Jayce trapped with a mad-with-grief captain and fellow crew members after their ship was stuck in Arctic ice floes. Their women, Leah and Helaina, spend a year in Last Chance Creek hoping and praying for their safe return as Leah’s twin babies grow.

Once the men are rescued and the romantic dispute settled between Jacob and Helaina leads to a quick marriage and pregnancy, the foursome face new challenges as friends die, sickness visits, faith is tried, and the saga rides to its conclusion.

Although rife with incident and remembered incident from the previous two books, because there’s plenty of telling and talking but little showing, characters and plot tend to remain flat on the page. Sloppy editing leads to oft-repeated phrases and words. This story of good people who trust in their faith and “are always there for” each other might become tedious, even in its dramatic setting.