Whispers of Vivaldi

Written by Beverle Grave Myers
Review by Bryan Dumas

Tito Amato is back, and this time he has a plan to save his beloved Teatro San Marco: A new opera called “The False Duke” that will surely amaze Venice and prove that Tito is worthy of becoming the new director of the Teatro. Only he has to convince the Savio alla Cultura of the Opera and bring in a new castrato, Angeletto, and navigate the rumors of whether this new singer is really a boy or a girl in disguise. As if this wasn’t enough trouble, Tito finds himself the sole suspect of the murder of his mentor and current director of the San Marco. He vows to unravel the murder, set the rumors about Angeletto to rest, and bring “The False Duke” to its grand opening.

With her novel set in Venice of 1745, Beverle Graves Myers delicately weaves both an operatic and visual tapestry of a city that was fevered with opera. Myers builds a complex mystery and sets it in a beautiful world long since past. Her characters are as vivid as the city she sets them in. A strong book for anyone who loves historical mystery.