Written by Cindy Holby
Review by Carol Anne Germain

Though Zane Brody looks like a happy and handsome bachelor, he pines for the comforts and happiness of a home life similar to the ones he sees his friends enjoying in Laramie, Wyoming. It takes a working trip to New York City and a follow-up adventure through Indian Territory for this young ranch hand to realize what he desires. Zane is hired to retrieve a fine thoroughbred mare in New York. During the trip home, he is bedeviled by the goat (appropriately named Lucifer) which comes with the package. To boot, Zane meets Mary, a delightful widow, who is not impressed with him. She, too, is journeying west to take on a teaching position in none other than Laramie. The real adventure begins when their train is held up by Indians and Mary’s brother is kidnapped. Determined to rescue her brother, Mary takes off with the thoroughbred and Zane and Lucifer are left to follow. The rest unfolds from there. If you abhor violence, you may want to skip reading some sections, but otherwise this is an enjoyable romance that will open your heart and make you smile.