Where to Find Me

Written by Alba Arikha
Review by Lindsay Mulholland

The lives of Flora Dobbs and Hannah Karalis cross when Hannah is locked out of her house on a rainy evening in 1980s London. Hannah finds herself knocking on her aloof neighbour’s door despite her initial reservations. Their brief bond is short-lived when Flora disappears from her home suddenly. Nineteen years later, Hannah is sent a mysterious box of books containing Flora’s notebook, from which she discovers Flora’s life has been a tragic and emotional journey, from Nazi-occupied Paris to post-war Palestine through to 1950s London. Hannah sets out to find out the truth of Flora’s life, leading her to also confront her own past.

This beautifully written novel follows the different lives of two very different women, both tinged with tragedy and loss. The story is told in dual narratives, and whereas Hannah has not experienced the horrors and upheaval of Flora’s life, her own has had family betrayal, death, and secrets. Both women have distinctive narrative voices, and both are likeable and multi-faceted. There is a great deal going on in this story, which adds to the pace and keeps the reader engaged. It delicately lays out the stories of two women with meticulous attention to detail, and is a beautiful read.